Nearly 6 million people throughout the world believe they can track their ancestry back to Cornwall as a direct result of the Cornish Diaspora. From the late 1700’s until after the First World War people have left Cornish shores in the hope of finding a better life and have settled in the most amazing places, taking their culture with them.

The desire to trace our family roots has never been greater. With the availability of online resources, digitisation of records and work of Local History Groups and volunteers, has provided a wealth of widely available information. We may become skilled in conducting our own research but from time to time we may also need a little help.

Successful research into Family History is the product of a sound historical knowledge, both local and National, a sound kowledge of the Counties geography and the skill to source relavant reference material.

This is where History Fox can help. We have the knowledge and experience in Cornish Family History and can get you started or help you get back on track.

History Fox tailors our services to meet your needs – not the other way round. We love what we do and provide a quality service for the best possible value. We only cover Cornwall because this is where we live and therefore where we have developed our expertise.

Please browse our website for further information or contact us via email and start that amazing journey.

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