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History Fox is David Thomas, a Professional Genealogist who lives in the heart of Redruth, Cornwall. History Fox is not a cunningly slick marketing team but myself and a few dedicated individuals  who are totally committed to providing what our customers desire.

The fox, which is my totem and mascot, is Todd my travelling companion  of many years and who I thought might add some dimension to my website.  He loves to travel and is getting a following of his own already.

I have spent most of my working career in Operational Production Management but have always had a love of history. My free time would often be taken up with looking in to historical mysteries, such as my work on Richard de Lucy, (Justicular to Henry II) and the Abbey of Lessness, which I had hoped one day to turn into a book.   I have had my 15 minutes of fame on programmes such as Strange but True when researching the mysteries of Dover Castle. Also on radio such as the BBC 4 feature on my investigation into the phenomenon of Phantom Hitchhikers.

I undertook a Field Archaeology course in Cornwall in the 80’s and also a Degree course in Humanities. Recently, I have undertaken courses that help have helped me expand my genealogical expertise and professionalism in the fascinating subject of Family History Research.

I have been undertaking Family History Research for friends, family and myself for the last 20 years and eventually completed my own family tree just 2 years ago. Since then I have been busy helping others discover their Cornish Family Roots. I have a deep love for this work and a great deal of experience in the process of bringing the past to life.

I live here in Redruth in an old haunted house that is full of history with my cat, Missy.

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