Our pricing is fairly standard and we have tried to keep things as simple as possible. People’s research requirements are different so we have to be flexible in order to accommodate individual research needs.

Our first point of contact with a perspective customer is the enquiry form and any evaluation is free and without obligation. Upon receipt of an enquiry we will spend time looking at the request and work out what we believe the research will require in time and resources. We will then calculate the cost to be back to the client.

  • Our Straightforward Research Package will cost £350 and involves taking a single family line back to 1837. This includes the cost of 2 BDM certificates and preparation of a report and family tree in a special presentation folder.
  • Our hourly charge for Records Office search is £12 per hour and includes photostats.
  • The cost of Birth, Death & Marriage (BDM) certificates is currently £9.25 each and take a week to arrive through the post. Some can be collected in person at the Record Office.
  • Travel costs are at 40p per mile.
  • A guide service can be provided upon request on a half day basis and is negotiable, depending on needs.
  • We will accept PayPal transactions through their secure site. Just press the button below to start the secure process.

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