Basic Pack

In this Package we provide a documented family history of one individual; say a Grandfather or Grandmother, and we will then take that line back to around 1837. We will need to verify our research by the acquisition of either a Birth, Death or Marriage (BDM) Certificate which are provided at a current cost of £9.25 each. Experience shows that usually two certificates should be sufficient to take us back to this time and these are incorporated in our fee. Once established, we can then include siblings, spouses and children into our tree.

We will then look in more detail at the individual to see what further information we can find. We search such documents as; census returns, passenger lists, parish registers, wills, probate, criminal, and war records, newspapers, Nonconformist Registers, Tax/Tithe Maps and more where relevant. Should the situation occur and additional certificates would be required, these can be provided at cost.

It is estimated that the plan would take some 22 hours to complete, of which approximately 8 to 10 hours would be of documentation. At the end of our research we will present you with a detailed presentation report folder. This will contain the 2 BDM certificates and details of the family going back to about 1837 with information on your relatives lives. From the Report and recording of the family line we will produce a detailed family tree which will form the basis of any future family research.

For this service we will charge a competitive £350.

We operate in this way as we hope to find a good document trail back to 1837 for the Parish Records and 1841 for the census records. In doing things in this way we can keep the costs in check but enables us to provide a sound documented family history.


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