Planning a Trip

Because of the Cornish Diaspora, which saw the dispersal of Cornish men & women scattered over the UK and beyond, there are now families with strong Cornish ties all around the world. Often, when discovering blood ties to Cornwall a trip to the ‘Old Country’ becomes compelling. It is certainly becoming more popular in recent years and is obviously important to those who make the trip.

Need a Guide
For those who come a long way to discover the lives and backgrounds of their ancestors they will naturally want to know that they are getting the most out of their trip. There is a lot to see in Cornwall and special places that still offer the atmosphere of the past – if you know where to look. I have lived in Cornwall most of my life and know and love the County and its colourful history. I value the rich heritage that our churches, repositories of our written and visible past, have given us. I am grateful for the ability to read the landscape and trace where our ancestors have left their mark.

Saving you Time
If you are coming to Cornwall for a visit then why not let History Fox advise you on making the best of your time here. This is yet another service we don’t charge for. In fact, by saving you time we can often save you money.

If you are thinking of looking for a grave, be advised, it can sometimes take days. If you are looking for a house where your ancestor once lived, does it still stand. Has the street name changed or is the building part of a new development? If it is in a terrace, which one is it?  How long will it take you to find out this information and how long have you alowed?

We are not a travel agent but we do know some nice places to stay. We don’t drink, but we know some brilliant pubs. Alas, have to watch our weight and we do love our food but we do know some fantastic places to eat.

Let History Fox help you turn a pilgrimage to Cornwall into an unforgettable memory.

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